Your Guide To Mini Golf In Gatlinburg

By Leif Palmer
Posted on August 5, 2021

Places to play mini golf in Gatlinburg

It's one of the mainstays of the American vacation: playing miniature golf in a tourist town. In that respect, Gatlinburg, Tennessee has never disappointed. Mini golf courses have been a part of the local scene for decades, and these days, there are more choices than ever when it comes to getting that colored golf ball past unique obstacles on its way to the cup.

Read on for some highlights of what's in store for all you mini golf fiends the next time you come to Gatlinburg.

Gatlin's Mini Golf

716 Parkway

Located in Reagan Terrace Mall, this attraction offers a total of 45 holes of putting around. The highlights are two 18-hole outdoor courses-Old Mountain Trail and Old Town Square-that teach a history lesson about Gatlinburg on each hole. Featuring native plants and flowers, Gatlin's has won awards for its landscaping efforts. There's also an indoor, nine-hole, blacklight course that showcases a giant octopus, mermaid, dolphins, a sunken pirate ship and more.

Treasure Quest Mini Golf

653 Parkway

This 18-hole course is located indoors, which makes it a good option on those hot summer days. The course has an Indiana Jones-style motif, and unique, adventure-themed features lurk around every corner. Five of the holes are black-lit for fun play in the dark.

Hillbilly Golf

340 Parkway

This attraction has been a visitor favorite for decades. It offers two Appalachian-themed, 18-hole mini courses on a hillside. You ride an inclined rail car from street level to get to the top of the hill, and then you putt your way gradually downhill before taking the railway back to the street.

Ripley's Davy Crockett Mini-Golf

188 Parkway

The Ripley name is most associated with the local aquarium, but they do a little bit of everything in Gatlinburg, including miniature golf. This attraction's two outdoor 18-hole courses have an old-timey mountain theme, and you can win free games when you score a hole in one.

Circus Golf

919 Parkway

Located at the Amazing Mirror Maze attraction, this mini-golf course features special black-light effects and a circus fun-house theme that will challenge and entertain putters from start to finish.

Ripley's Super Fun Zone

542 Parkway

Here's another Ripley attraction, and this one includes an 18-hole indoor miniature golf course. It's just one component of a facility that also has laser tag, a shooting gallery and more.

If you wanted to try them all these miniature golf attractions, all you'd have to do is take advantage of our great Gatlinburg parking rates, leave your vehicle in one convenient location and walk from venue to venue!

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