Chow Down At These New Gatlinburg Restaurants

By Leif Palmer
Posted on May 20, 2021

Great place to eat in Gatlinburg.

Gatlinburg has long been known for having some of the finest restaurants in the Smokies, and in 2021, we're seeing even more eateries added to that list. Sometimes, it seems there are so many new-restaurant openings that it's hard to keep up with all the names and styles of cuisine. But read on, and we'll give you some thumbnail introductions to just a few of the many food-service businesses that have decided to make Gatlinburg their new home this year.


The original Chesapeake's restaurant in downtown Knoxville has been a seafood institution for decades, and now the company is bringing its signature Maryland-style flavors to the mountains. Seafood dishes include crab cakes, shrimp, lobster, oysters and scallops as well as “turf” items like steak and chicken.

Ruby Sunshine

This chain of breakfast/brunch restaurants is known for its New Orleans-style flair and flavor, and they've opened again for dine-in eating in Gatlinburg. Their signature brunch features items like eight different varieties of Eggs Benedict, omelets, shrimp and grits, French toast, pancakes and even fried chicken and burgers.

Burg Steakhouse

As the name suggests, steaks are the focus of this Gatlinburg eatery. Their lineup of hand-cut steaks includes T-bone, Porterhouse, prime rib and ribeye, just to mention a few. But if you have a beef with beef, don't worry. The menu also offers dishes like their half-chicken stuffed with chorizo and cornbread as well as a buffet of sides, tempting desserts and a kids' menu.

Smith And Son Corner Kitchen

This downtown Gatlinburg family restaurant specializes in all-American fare like burgers, pastas and salads. One of its signature items, the Italian Job burger, was voted the Fan Favorite during GatlinBURGER Week last fall.

Crazy Mason Milkshake Bar

Here's a sweet addition to the Gatlinburg restaurant landscape. This South Carolina-based restaurant is known for its crazy creations that include milkshakes, sundaes and more, and they're served in mason jars. Come on in and grab a straw!

If you plan to visit any or several of these new restaurants this year, be aware that some of them may not have their own dedicated parking spaces. If you can get to them by walking or taking a trolley from your lodging, you're all set, but if you need to find handy and affordable parking in Gatlinburg, Tennessee, see our listing of lot locations to find the one that works best for you.

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