Parking Is Cheaper Than You May Think

By Leif Palmer
Posted on August 5, 2022

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One of the questions that Smokies visitors often ask is: How much is parking in downtown Gatlinburg? It's a question that comes up often, because for those not staying in hotel/motel properties in the downtown area, parking can be a challenging reality. There are dozens and dozens of attractions, restaurants, shops and more located up and down the Parkway, not to mention all the other businesses that lie outside downtown Gatlinburg. The issue is that most of these individual businesses have very limited parking availability. Many have none at all. It's rare to find a business in Gatlinburg that has a huge sprawling parking lot devoted exclusively to its patrons.

That's where private lots like ours come into play. We operate seven different parking facilities in the downtown area, and they all offer convenient access to everything you'd want to do along that stretch of the Parkway. From Ripley's Aquarium of the Smokies at the north end of town to The Peddler restaurant at the south end of town, we have a parking location that will make it convenient for you to leave your vehicle and either walk or take the trolley to your destination.

As for pricing, this is where our value shines. For one low daily rate ($10, on average), you can have confidence in knowing that your vehicle is legally parked, without risk of being towed, leaving you free to have fun without worrying. We've all been in that situation where you parked somewhere that you weren't sure was safe or legal, and you spent your entire day worrying about whether you would return to your vehicle only to find a ticket waiting under your windshield wipers. We take all that worry away.

Depending on the time of year and what special events are going on that week, our rates can start as low as $8 for a day and reach as high as $20. Which is still a great value when you consider that it's for an entire day. So even if you come into town for a high-traffic event like the 4th of July Midnight Parade, you'll still be paying a fair rate and can leave your vehicle as early in the day as you like, leaving you free to enjoy the rest of your day in downtown Gatlinburg.

So next time you head to Gatlinburg, don't take a chance on parking in a motel lot where you're not staying or parking in the lot of a business you're not patronizing. Check out our lots and have fun - and have peace of mind.

Leif Palmer - Gatlinburg blogger

About Leif Palmer

Leif Palmer loves residing in Gatlinburg. He is an avid outdoorsman: rowing for exercise on the lake, trail hiking, and free climbing rocks in the mountains. He indulges his arty side by periodically beating up pieces of marble by sculpting. He is always frustrated by his inability to sink long putts, and hates his curly hair (but his wife loves it). Leif has been known to muster enough courage to change a diaper, and hopes his son will become a chip off the old block.


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