Get The Jump On Christmas Shopping At Tanger Five Oaks

By Leif Palmer
Posted on November 1, 2017

Tanger Five Oaks Outlet Mall in Seiverville

Many of us promise ourselves each year that THIS will be the year we get an early start on Christmas shopping. And it seems that a lot of us still wind up putting off all that gift buying until the last minute. After all, who wants to drive to 50 different stores trying to find so many different kinds of gifts to please so many different people?

This year, though, you still have a chance to break that procrastination habit and do it the easy way by crossing off most of your shopping-list items at Tanger Outlets in Sevierville. With dozens of stores located on one site, it's easy to swoop in, find everything you need and get it all done with one handy visit. Then on those last few days before Christmas, while everyone else is out frantically trying to wrap up their shopping, you can be kicked back with a mug of eggnog, listening to your favorite holiday tunes.

What's truly impressive about Tanger Outlets at Five Oaks is its selection. You'll find shops that carry jewelry, clothing (for adults and kids), footwear and housewares as well as specialty shops featuring everything from books and tools to perfume and luggage. The best part is that these stores carry name-brand items marked below usual retail prices.

Once you've decided where you want to park (there's plenty of free parking on the property), you can easily get to all the stores on foot. And if you're there long enough to work up an appetite, you'll even find everything from full-service restaurants to fast food chains and food vendors. Some of the shops even specialize in food items.

To help you coordinate your shopping tasks, you can download the Tanger app, which will provide you with a store directory, access to coupons and sale offers, a handy search feature and a way to view any gift card balances you might have.

Even if you don't want to drive to Tanger Outlets, you can get there by taking the North Parkway trolley (purple line) from Patriot Park in Pigeon Forge. And if you're already parked at our Downtown Lot in downtown Gatlinburg, you can take that city's Dollywood trolley (pink line) from Gatlinburg to Patriot Park to make a full trolley connection.

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