Downtown Gatlinburg – One-Stop Christmas Shopping

By Leif Palmer
Posted on December 5, 2019

Shop for Christmas gifts in Gatlinburg

Lots of folks will be heading to Gatlinburg, TN, during these next few weeks before Christmas. Some will be visiting the national park, some will be coming to see the Winterfest lights, and others will be taking advantage of special seasonal events and activities. If you plan to be among those headed to the Smokies soon, you might also consider getting some Christmas shopping done while you're in town. One of the great things about shopping in downtown Gatlinburg is that you can cover a lot of bases within a fairly small footprint, and you don't even have to drive from store to store.

The selection of merchandise available to downtown shoppers is amazing. You could buy that spicy-food lover a fiery bottle of sauce from All Sauced Up or help the outdoor adventurer in the family get ready for their next expedition with some gear from NOC Gatlinburg. Or you might stop by Old Dad's General Store, where you'll find a number of specialty food items as well as crafts, collectibles and unique memorabilia. Then consider destinations like Mountain Mall and Baskin Square Mall, where you'll find a wide array of shops on one site. And at Mountain Mall, the shops are all indoors, so even if the weather outside is frightful, your Christmas shopping can still be delightfully warm and comfortable.

If you're going to spend a day or more shopping, plan for a meal stop or two. Downtown Gatlinburg has you covered there as well. Restaurants like T.G.I. Friday's, The Melting Pot, The Peddler and The Park Grill serve up tempting menus featuring steaks, classic American fare, homemade desserts and more. And that's just mentioning a few of the eateries that have you covered for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

One idea for your shopping extravaganza would be to stay overnight in a downtown-lodging provider like Bearskin Lodge or Appalachian Lodge. That makes it easy to walk from your hotel room to your favorite destinations. But if you've just got a one-day trip in mind, take advantage of our many options for public parking in Gatlinburg. We have seven affordable lots located up and down the Parkway to put you close to your favorite shops, restaurants, attractions and Winterfest events. It also leaves you the flexibility to either walk to where you're going or, if a little more distance is involved, hop a Gatlinburg trolley and let someone else do the driving.

Leif Palmer - Gatlinburg blogger

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