Dollywood Lights-In Depth

By Leif Palmer
Posted on November 22, 2021

Lights at Dollywood Theme Park.

If you plan to visit Dollywood this season, the Pigeon Forge theme park is fairly easy to locate-especially at night. That's because during it annual Smoky Mountain Christmas celebration, the park glows with more than 5 million holiday lights, displayed throughout its many themed sections. But what you may not notice at first glance is that a lot of thought and planning went into which colors went into which areas of the park.

Dollywood's Product and Planning Team put a lot of effort into making specific choices about the colors and locations of all the lights for this year's Smoky Mountain Christmas. Here's a quick preview of what you'll see in many of the park's themed areas during the holidays:


Look for traditional jewel tones outlining many of the buildings and dollhouses.

Jukebox Junction and Adventures In Imagination

You'll find a retro '50s vibe thanks to all the multicolor C9 bulbs and mid-century décor. A turquoise and red palette is utilized in Dolly's Closet to create a similarly vintage feel.

Rivertown Junction, Owens Farm and Craftsman's Valley

Candlelight is the name of the game here, and it's designed to remind guests of the true meaning of Christmas.

The Village

This area becomes Santa's Village for the holidays, and it's where you'll find Saint Nick. Fittingly, red and green are the operative colors here.

Country Fair

During Smoky Mountain Christmas, this section turns into Peppermint Valley, so you'll see lots of red and white striped trees.

Wilderness Pass and Timber Canyon

Icy blues and cool white turn these sections into Glacier Ridge, where Polar Bear meets his cousin Black Bear for a Christmas get-together.

Wildwood Grove

The blues and whites seen in Wilderness Pass and Timber Canyon are joined by pinks and purples.

In addition, Dollywood has more than doubled the number of live Christmas trees it's displaying throughout the park. Most of them average six to 12 feet in height, which is taller than in previous years. You'll find an impressive cluster of 40 trees in Rivertown Junction, just below the train tracks. They're lit in a similar design as those located on Showstreet but with a soft amber glow instead of jewel tones.

Also, Craftsman's Valley looks similar to Rivertown Junction, but the trees there are lit with crab clusters featuring 25 lights every six inches instead of the usual one bulb.

If you're parking in Gatlinburg during the holiday season, you can easily get to Dollywood without having to drive. Leave your vehicle in the lot, walk to the nearest Gatlinburg trolley and take it to the welcome center north of town. From there, you can transfer to a Pigeon Forge trolley taking you to Dollywood.

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