3 Events You'll Want Good Parking For During Winterfest

By Leif Palmer
Posted on November 20, 2022

Gatlinburg streets.

Now that Winterfest is officially under way in Gatlinburg, we're expecting lots of visitors to head to town to enjoy the city's millions and millions of holiday lights and to participate in a wide range of special events that coincide with this magical season. Those of you staying at any of our wonderful lodging providers will have the advantage of having a place to park your vehicle, allowing you to access virtually everything that's taking place in the city.

But if you're just driving in for a day trip, you'll need to make other arrangements when it comes to parking, especially if you're planning to attend a Winterfest special event. We can make that phase of the trip a lot easier, offering you seven different parking facilities in downtown Gatlinburg, all of which are very competitively priced compared to all the other Gatlinburg parking prices. You pay one price that allows you to park for the entire day, and depending on which lot you choose, you'll have handy walking or trolley access to downtown businesses like attractions, restaurants and shops.

But there are a few special events taking place this Winterfest that will make finding good parking even more essential. Each of these events attract tens of thousands of attendees, making downtown Gatlinburg a tough place to find parking at the last minute. So we recommend familiarizing yourself with where are our parking lots are according to the map on our website, then plan to arrive in town early enough to snag a parking spot.

• Great Smoky Thanksgiving & Christmas Arts & Crafts Show

November 22 through December 4

Gatlinburg is known for the Great Smoky Arts & Crafts Community, which is home to more than 100 craft studios, galleries and shops, all located along an eight-mile auto loop. But they hold their annual holiday show at the Gatlinburg Convention Center, which is in downtown Gatlinburg and mere footsteps from a number of our parking lots. You'll have super-easy access to this annal event, where participating artists will have a wide array of hand-crafted works on display and also be demonstrating their art forms.

• Fantasy of Lights Christmas Parade

December 2

That evening, downtown will spring to life with Gatlinburg's annual Christmas parade, which will run the length of the Parkway. This procession will feature lighted floats, marching bands, giant balloons and Santa Claus himself. Prior to the parade's step-off, you can also witness the lighting of the city's official Christmas tree.

• New Year's Eve Celebration and Fireworks Show

December 31

This is another one-day event that will attract thousands and thousands of visitors, so and arrive early enough to get your parking spot and stake out a good viewing location downtown, as close to the Gatlinburg Space Needle as possible. That will be ground zero for the New Year's Eve ball drop, which will include live music and culminate in an explosive fireworks spectacular at midnight.

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