Public Parking in Gatlinburg

Millions of people visit the Smoky Mountains each year, and one of the first things most folks want to know is where to park in Gatlinburg. It’s a question that comes up a lot, because the city packs a lot of vacation fun into a very small footprint, and most of the businesses located along Gatlinburg’s Parkway and side streets reserve their parking areas for customers only.


Traffic in downtown Gatlinburg


This means that unless you plan to patronize a specific shop, restaurant or attraction, parking in Gatlinburg can sometimes be a challenge. In many cases, even your destination’s parking area may be limited in size, which puts you back at square one. Of course, if you’re staying in a downtown hotel, motel or condo, your parking worries are few, but for those who may just be driving in for the day, or perhaps staying at a property in an outlying area, downtown Gatlinburg parking is still a necessity.




The good news is that we’ve made Gatlinburg, Tennessee, parking a breeze with seven handy facilities throughout the downtown area. Our spacious lots are in the middle of all the action, so whether you just need to park for a couple of hours or all day, we’ve got the locations – and plenty of room – to welcome you to downtown Gatlinburg!

Please note, we DO Not offer overnight parking.






Gatlinburg Parking, LLC operates several public parking facilities in the Gatlinburg, Tennessee area.